Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A high school biology teacher in Cleveland wants to take her students on a field trip to the Cleveland Zoo to see wildlife conservation efforts firsthand. She coordinates with the other biology teachers, and they plan to take 200 students total on the trip in May before school lets out for summer. They are concerned about having reliable transportation and keeping the students together and safe during the 45 minute drive into downtown Cleveland. They decide to rent two 55-passenger charter buses from a local company for the day. The charter bus company quotes them $175 per bus per hour, with a 5 hour minimum. This comes out to $1,750 per bus, or $3,500 total for the day. With 200 students divided between the two buses, it comes out to only $17.50 per student for safe, climate-controlled transportation and supervision for their field trip. The teachers add an 18% tip for the drivers, bringing their total to $4,130. The trip is a success, and they are able to easily get a quote and book their Cleveland charter bus rentals online.

Example #2:

A sales director at a large manufacturing company in Cleveland plans quarterly outings for her top performing sales reps. This quarter, she decides to take them to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse arena followed by dinner at a high-end steakhouse. She books a 40 passenger charter bus to transport the group of 30 sales reps and corporate staff to the game and restaurant. The charter bus picks them up at their office and drops them off directly at the VIP entrance to the arena, then takes them to the restaurant after the game. She books the charter bus for 5 hours from 4PM to 9PM on a Friday evening. The total cost for the 40 passenger Cleveland charter bus rental comes to $900. With the convenience of direct transportation and no need to worry about parking or driving, the sales director happily tips the charter bus driver 10% for excellent service.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at Shaker Heights High School booked a charter bus to take the team to an away game in Cleveland. With 50 players, coaches, and staff attending the game, the school needed a large coach bus that could fit everyone comfortably. They booked a 56-passenger charter bus for a Saturday game that would pick them up at the school at noon and drop them off back at the school at 8pm after the game ended. The 8 hour rental of a luxury coach charter bus for this size group cost $960, working out to only $19 per person roundtrip. The school appreciated the reclining seats, TVs, WiFi, and bathroom onboard so the team could relax and focus on the game. They added an 18% tip for their exceptional charter bus driver, bringing the total to $1,132 for safe, reliable transportation for the big game.

Example #4:

A youth basketball team from the Cleveland suburbs is traveling downtown for an all-day tournament. There are 12 players plus coaches and parents, totaling 22 people. They decide to rent a minibus to transport the group comfortably from their hometown to the tournament venue. For a Saturday rental from 7am-7pm, the quote comes out to $660. This covers pickup and dropoff at their location, plus the driver’s time and service fees for the 12 hour rental. With the minibus fitting 22 passengers, it keeps the cost right around $30 per person. The youth basketball coach tips the driver 10% at the end for providing excellent service, bringing the total to $726. Renting the minibus allows the team to travel together, have plenty of room for gear, and eliminates the need for multiple vehicles and parking downtown. It provides a seamless transportation solution for their tournament trip.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Cleveland and having their wedding reception at the Cleveland Museum of Art. They expect around 150 guests to attend their wedding, many of whom will be traveling from out of town. To provide convenient transportation for their wedding guests between the hotel and the museum, they decide to book a charter bus rental in Cleveland for the day. After getting quotes from several companies, they select a 56-passenger charter bus at a rate of $140 per hour. They book the bus for 8 hours to cover transportation for the entire event. This includes 2 hours for transporting guests from hotels to the ceremony in the morning, 3 hours during the cocktail hour and reception, and 3 hours to bring guests back to their hotels at the end of the night. In total, their Cleveland charter bus rental for their wedding costs $1,120. They add an 18% tip for their driver, bringing their total transportation cost to approximately $1,325. Though not inexpensive, they consider it money well spent to provide a comfortable, convenient ride for their loved ones.

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